When they found out that baby #2 was another girl, they were nearly devastated (SHOCKED is a better word)!

This just might be their last baby and so really wanted a little boy!

At first they were told it was a boy and they had already started on their “boy” plans!

So they quickly changed gears and started thinking PINK, which didn’t take long!

Now look at them! They are perfect and SO happy with their two little princesses!!!!

It shouldn’t be any other way! She was TRULY meant to be a part of this beautiful family!

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One Response to Their Two Princesses

  1. Cambria Robertson says:

    I wouldn’t say nearly devastated but I would say really shocked! When they tell you a gender and you get your hopes up, get things ready and then you are told its a different gender it kinda sends you for a loop! I couldn’t imagine my life any differently though, and honestly she’s perfect. We are blessed to have two healthy girls, and in this house- girls rule!

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