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I’ve known her since she was a baby.

It was so exciting for my little sister to have a baby girl…and her only girl.

She’s grown in to such a GENUINE and beautiful young woman.

Her mother says, “beautiful in every way”!

She’s intelligent, pure, and authentic.

Now here she is, ready for the next phase of her life!

R…..good luck girl!

I’m lucky to know you!!!


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Two gorgeous girls, who just happen to be cousins,

and are best friends!

I loved taking their pictures, and watching them togehter!

They are off soon, to make their mark in the world!

And I’m almost sure,

that they will ALWAYS be there for each another!

Good luck sweet girls!

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And just a few more of the “artsy” type!

Thanks B & K!

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When I first met this beautiful girl,

I felt her uniqueness right away!

She is very specific in how she wants to look…

I LOVED that about her!

And she only wanted smiles!

And why wouldn’t she…..look at her gorgeous SMILE!


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 The very first thing that struck me on this beautiful girl,

were her DIMPLES!

I don’t think she realizes how adorable they are!

And she really must have the sweetest disposition ever!!

She is a Senior with the whole world ahead of her!

Good luck N!!!

I have a feeling you’re going to do good things in this world!

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 Soccer, track, soccer, cross country, a little tennis, and more soccer!

Oh and then there is the academics….piece of cake!!!

He is an amazing young man!

So full of potential and really excited to head to California!!!

Thanks M for letting me get a few pictures of you for your mom!!

Good luck!!!