Yes, she’s 36 weeks and beaming!!!

She will deliver her baby boy in just a couple of weeks, and already today, was talking about having her fourth!!!

People have told her (including me) that she does NOT look ready to have a baby!

I’m not sure if she likes that or no!

She’s one of those that actually LIKES being pregnant!!!

Can’t wait for the big day to meet our little BOY!!!


Still waiting.

Baby sister isn’t due to arrive until Christmas Eve, BUT…

We are all so excited!

I wonder if baby’s big sister will share her “blankey-baby”?


We are so EXCITED to meet our new baby girl in just a few weeks!

This will be our first Christmas baby, third baby girl, and fifth grandchild.

My idea for this shoot was to use an antique bed in the snow.

It would have been beautiful for sure!

BUT…..we weren’t expecting three feet of snow!

So we had to make a quick change of plans and this is what we got!

The snow was so beautiful that we didn’t need anything else except a pregnant belly!

Can’t wait to meet our baby girl!!!!!!