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Their wedding day was nothing short of AMAZING!

Family and friends gathered to witness their union.

Every one playing a particular part in their lives…in their relationship.

The Mr. and Mrs. seemed so calm to me.

It was a joy working with them….their chemistry made it so easy!


May your new life together be full of all you’ve ever dreamed of!

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I have really loved photographing this beautiful and sweet couple.

They are so kind and gracious!

I loved that when it was time for her bridals,

she asked if it would be okay for him to come along.

Already……the best of friends!

To you L & A…may you be blessed with all the happiness in the world

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I hadn’t seen him pretty much since he was a young boy.

When he called me and told me about his upcoming marriage to his beautiful girl,

I was so happy for him and excited to meet her!

They will be married in about another year….. in paradise!!!

Don’t they look HAPPY?!!!?

Best wishes to you both!


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When she asked for my ideas of where we could take her and her loves pictures,

I immediately thought of this location.

And then I was crossing my fingers that she would be up for a canoe!

But when she had access to one, and practically right next door,

we both knew it would be magic!!!

They did everything…got the canoe, tied up the canoe, carried the canoe,

and then got in the canoe for a glorious evening!