I mean, how could this family be any more beautiful?

Can you imagine the mornings…..when they’re all getting ready?

I can’t!

It was really good to see them all again,

each one grown up a bit more, and one off to college!

Thanks so much to the R family!



Another baby boy for this BEAUTIFUL family of now six!

Isn’t he the sweetest?

You can see he’ll probably never be left alone…..he’s adored by all!

It was such fun for me, going to their home, and taking his very first pictures!

I was impressed by how peaceful it felt!

Love you all so much P family!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your precious little gift!


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This family….oh my how they took me back twenty-five years!

Being the mother of three sons, spaced exactly apart as these three boys,

brought me so many memories!

Bundles and bundles and bundles of energy they have for sure!

You can see there’s never a dull moment!

Their mother is a dear friend, in fact the picture of her laughing….

is exactly how she is most of the time.

Thank you P family!


This beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Salt Lake Temple,

was the perfect day and setting for this great family to have their pictures taken.

They are such dear, sincere, and sweet friends of mine,

and I always feel so lucky to be their photographer!

Each one so talented and gifted!

Thank you so much dear R family…..you’re the best ever!



This was such a fun time for me, going in to their home to take their pictures!

Their home is full of beautiful natural light,

and……the energy of FIVE beautiful children!

And what a bonus for me, homemade brick-oven pizza!

So incredibly delicious too!

Now they are off to new adventures,

and not a doubt in my mind they will make their next home just as amazing!

Thanks L family!