When I was a young mother my boys NEVER got along, and especially when it was time for pictures!

It was always such a chore getting this done each year.

But THIS family….they are unbelievably the happiest most cooperative bunch I’ve ever met!

They have been such a pleasure working with the last few years!

And not only that, but could they be any more BEAUTIFUL???


These little girls have brought me an abundance of JOY!

I’m so blessed to be their Grandma, and adore them in EVERY single way!

The older one is now SEVEN, and I’m not quite sure how that happened.

She’s such a loving and caring big sister, and very, very smart!

She’s a friend to all, and I’m absolutely amazed at her confidence

and her wanting to be a part of anything FUN!

I’m hoping one day they will really, REALLY know…

how I adore them and how they’ve brought me so much sunshine!

LOVE you R and E…….love you more than EVER!



Our sweet little girl turned four years old today!

She’s was and is a perfect little Christmas package!!!

Her baby ponytail is her signature hairstyle,

and she has her very own opinions about her fashion sense!

We LOVE her bunches and are more than grateful for our beautiful little princess!

LOVE you E!



It’s always such fun meeting new families in my work of photography.

And this one is gorgeous, wouldn’t you say?

Another one with all boys, and I’m sure have lots and lots of girlfriends! 🙂

Oh, and then there’s the dog,

who you can see the boys adore…but mom? Not so much!

Thanks to the D family!

It was such a pleasure meeting you!


I mean, how could this family be any more beautiful?

Can you imagine the mornings…..when they’re all getting ready?

I can’t!

It was really good to see them all again,

each one grown up a bit more, and one off to college!

Thanks so much to the R family!