Sasha close gown CMM WM

Oh my heavens……..can you believe this little guy’s HAIR???

He not only is super adorable, but the sweetest, most happy disposition!

I was so lucky this morning to be in his home photographing him!

This is his christening gown that is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. !!!

I can’t wait to share his beautiful session!!!!!

When her big sister was this age, seven months, we did a

photoshoot of her in this tutu and hat.

I had given it to her shortly after she was born.

So naturally, we had to do the same thing for little sister!

I like to call her BABYDOLL.

My grandmother called me that when I was a little girl,

and someone had to take on the name, right?

She’s completely perfect in our eyes and LOVED by everyone that sees her!

xo … ESR

Their baby boy arrived in December to complete their family.

Now they are 4!

Beautiful kids……beautiful parents!

It’s always such a good time for me, to photograph these friends!

If they EVER asked for my opinion…..

I would tell them to have more babies, too cute not too!!!!

We are so HAPPY this little guy is here!

And yes, he’s really, REALLY little…..6.5 lbs!

I didn’t ever think I would say, “It’s good to have another little BOY”!

It’s our blessing to now have 4 granddaughters and 2 grandsons!!!

He is precious and adorable in every sense of the word!!!!


Her blessing will be given to her tomorrow by her father.

All of the people that LOVE her will be there to support her and her family.

Her pictures were taken in the same carriage her big sister used!

She already has brought so very much JOY to all of us!

We love you baby girl, and hope you will feel our LOVE tomorrow!!!