It’s a wonderful thing, when a new baby arrives!

And when it’s the first child and first grandchild….it’s a beautiful site!

Everyone in the household from parents to grandparents to uncle,

watching her every move!

This precious little girl, has stopped everyone in her tracks!

There will be no lack of attention, care, and LOVE for her!

Welcome to your world beautiful baby J!!!




Another baby boy for this BEAUTIFUL family of now six!

Isn’t he the sweetest?

You can see he’ll probably never be left alone…..he’s adored by all!

It was such fun for me, going to their home, and taking his very first pictures!

I was impressed by how peaceful it felt!

Love you all so much P family!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your precious little gift!


W1 W2Ian collage1W98W99Ian collage2W mother&childW mother&child2W on the bed NO ECPG3 BWW96W naked BWLIan collage grandmaW smile NO ECPG 8WW97W his toes! 8W

OH! This baby……is BEAUTIFUL!!!

His hair, his eyes, his toes!

What a fun afternoon I had photographing him,

with loads of people who were there close by watching his every move!

No question he will have love surrounding him FOREVER!


W200 W199 W198 W197 W196 W195 W194 W193 W192 W191 W190WEB W189 W188 W187 W186 W185 W184 W183 W182 W181

I had the great privilege of photographing this wonderful couple when they got married.

First their engagements, then came bridals, and then their wedding.

That was a little over a year ago.

They’ve been busy……for now their precious and beautiful baby girl has arrived!

HAPPY and THRILLED doesn’t describe fully, how they feel about her!

Isn’t she ADORABLE?

And of course she had to have hair, because her mother is a hair stylist and has always had amazing hair!

She is their angel indeed!



 W101W100W102  W99

They call her PRINCESS……and I believe them!!!!

She looked so beautiful in her blessing gown!

What a gift she is!

I love you sweet baby girl!