This was such a fun time for me, going in to their home to take their pictures!

Their home is full of beautiful natural light,

and……the energy of FIVE beautiful children!

And what a bonus for me, homemade brick-oven pizza!

So incredibly delicious too!

Now they are off to new adventures,

and not a doubt in my mind they will make their next home just as amazing!

Thanks L family!





This is Floris, and I met him today on the streets of Paris, France.

His style was so intriguing to me…..

the metallic jeans and boots, and this jacket, WOW!

He couldn’t have been nicer!

We will be getting together soon, for some serious business!!!

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The sweetest thing happened…

For her mother for Mother’s Day,

she wanted to give her their own personal photo shoot.

How thoughtful…..right?

I would have loved my own photo shoot with my mother at this age!

It was my honor!

And besides that, they both have a special place in my heart!!


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Isn’t he  A D O R A B L E?

I was privileged to photograph him as a newborn,

and you should have seen his hair then!

But then again…………..look at his hair now!!!!

He turned three years old and this was his celebration!

Lots of friends and family, good food, bubbles, and loads of fun!


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OH! This baby……is BEAUTIFUL!!!

His hair, his eyes, his toes!

What a fun afternoon I had photographing him,

with loads of people who were there close by watching his every move!

No question he will have love surrounding him FOREVER!