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How can our little Princess be three already?

She has been such a light in our family….all full of cuteness in every way!

One of the things I love about her is she loves to sit down with me and read books.

She will bring me every book in the house and not EVER get tired!

Sweet, determined, feisty, and a cuddler!

Love you so much BABYDOLL!



Each one is just like the other,

and definitely sisters!

But so many differences too…unique in their own way.

The little one trying so hard to emulate her big sister!

And the big one is her protector!

I LOVE them more than I can put in to words….sweet blessings in my life!


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They call her PRINCESS……and I believe them!!!!

She looked so beautiful in her blessing gown!

What a gift she is!

I love you sweet baby girl!