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It’s amazing to me how this GORGEOUS girl

grew up overnight!

She’s LOVELY in every way,

and I was honored to be the one to capture her as a senior graduate,

moving on through her world to a BRIGHT future ahead!

Best wishes BEAUTIFUL……..I’m so happy for you!


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Such a LOVELY family!

With a little bit of excitement about them,

and possibly a bit of hesitation too,

we met for a photo shoot of this beautiful bunch

just days before their oldest daughter left to serve her mission!

I enjoyed very much, getting to know them!

Each one so sweet, but that little one?


She had my attention!

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I had the great privilege of photographing this wonderful couple when they got married.

First their engagements, then came bridals, and then their wedding.

That was a little over a year ago.

They’ve been busy……for now their precious and beautiful baby girl has arrived!

HAPPY and THRILLED doesn’t describe fully, how they feel about her!

Isn’t she ADORABLE?

And of course she had to have hair, because her mother is a hair stylist and has always had amazing hair!

She is their angel indeed!



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A Snow Princess indeed!

She’s 8 years old and all grown up!

Her daddy asked her where she wanted to have her pictures taken,

and she said, “In a forest.”

Doesn’t that sound just like what a princess would say?

She was a brave one too, being out in the cold air without a jacket!

Her dress was made by her grandmother, and gorgeous!

Happy Birthday Snow Princess!

You are beautiful!


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How can our little Princess be three already?

She has been such a light in our family….all full of cuteness in every way!

One of the things I love about her is she loves to sit down with me and read books.

She will bring me every book in the house and not EVER get tired!

Sweet, determined, feisty, and a cuddler!

Love you so much BABYDOLL!