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I think I would call these two……LOVE BIRDS for sure!

They seem so suited for each other,

like they balance each other out in just the right way!

They chose the library for their pictures,

because of their love for reading!

I really loved spending the evening with them!

Congratulations L+M on your engagement!

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This day!!!

I felt so lucky to be a part, in documenting what had been dreamed of for a long time!

Their JOY for each other was obvious!

Their celebration was full of close friends and lots of family!

To me, she seemed unusually calm, and he was more giddy!



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Their Valentine’s picnic in the woods was the sweetest!

Chocolate, snuggles, and strawberries!

Oh….and one more thing! Hot chocolate!

All of my favorite things!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Beautiful hair and makeup by Lindsey Benitez

Garden Day Spa

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My favorite part of this afternoon was when she said to me,

“He makes me laugh!”

What a beautiful thing, right?!!

They were adorable together and their


for each other was apparent!

They will be married in just one more month!!!


A + M