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Her smile? Well……it’s contagious!

Enthusiastic, positive, bubbly, HAPPY, committed, and spiritual

is how I would describe her!

She’s  such an outstanding young woman, and she’s leaving soon

to go serve her mission!

She’s going to a place I’ve always wanted to visit…..Nashville!

Good luck H, and best wishes to YOU!

You’ll be AMAZING!

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It was such a pleasure to meet the rest of this family!

I know A from my tennis world and have heard her refer to her LARGE family often!

Her BEAUTIFUL mother is turning 75…..truly unbelievable!

She does everything I think. Bakes bread. Plays tennis. Hikes. Rolls down mountains!!!

She IS how I want to be at her age! Remarkable!

A great family in my eyes, and one I have such great respect for!




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I really enjoyed my time with this sweet baby and his family!

It’s not hard to fall in LOVE with him!!!

He is the first grandchild and it was fun to see each grandparent hovering over him,

and thrilled at his every move!!!!!

Four generations of beautiful people…….and I was the lucky one who got to photograph them!!

Can’t wait to see how this little one grows up!


Sasha close gown CMM WM

Oh my heavens……..can you believe this little guy’s HAIR???

He not only is super adorable, but the sweetest, most happy disposition!

I was so lucky this morning to be in his home photographing him!

This is his christening gown that is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. !!!

I can’t wait to share his beautiful session!!!!!