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When she asked for my ideas of where we could take her and her loves pictures,

I immediately thought of this location.

And then I was crossing my fingers that she would be up for a canoe!

But when she had access to one, and practically right next door,

we both knew it would be magic!!!

They did everything…got the canoe, tied up the canoe, carried the canoe,

and then got in the canoe for a glorious evening!


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It was a BEAUTIFUL July morning in so many ways!

Family and loved ones gathered to celebrate the marriage of this lovely Mr. & Mrs.!

Their wait was finally over and they were a married couple at last!

Their LOVE is now FOREVER and EVER!


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This was such a fun shoot!

They wanted a city-type feel for their engagement pictures,

and I think we found the perfect place!

They were adorable together and clearly meant for each other!

It’s such a JOY to see two people so in LOVE,

and their life together….just beginning!


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Her FIFTH birthday is today……isn’t she adorable?!?

We usually use the carriage for her birthday shoot, but her dog was more convenient!

She calls him “Good Boy”!

She’s precious in our eyes…

loving and caring, imaginative, spirited, and we couldn’t LOVE her more!


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I’ve known her since she was a baby.

It was so exciting for my little sister to have a baby girl…and her only girl.

She’s grown in to such a GENUINE and beautiful young woman.

Her mother says, “beautiful in every way”!

She’s intelligent, pure, and authentic.

Now here she is, ready for the next phase of her life!

R…..good luck girl!

I’m lucky to know you!!!